10 Essential Elements Of A Sales Page That Converts


10 Essential Elements Of A Sales Page That Converts

A lack-luster sales page may be the death of your business. 

It’s a bold statement, but if you don’t give your audience all of the necessary tidbits needed to solidify their purchase decision, the majority of your audience will be clicking the back arrow instead of the “buy now” button. 

A sales page has become yet another algorithm to master in the marketing space, and I promise you this is not an algorithm you want to mess up.

What is a sales page?

A sales page is a webpage that captures all pertinent information about a singular product and is created with one goal in mind: turn your audience into customers.  The keywords here – one goal.

Putting multiple offers on your landing page can decrease conversions by up to 266%, so if you only take one lesson from this blog, let it be that a sales page should only ever have one clear call-to-action. Otherwise, your audience will be too distracted to act on your amazing offer.

With a direct correlation between a great sales page and great sales, it is essential for your business to perfect this tool. Let’s walk through the components of a sales page that will increase your conversions and get your business booming. 

Benefit-Focused Headlines on a Sales Page

Will too long of a sales page drive away potential customers? 

This all depends on the product you’re offering. If you’re selling toothpaste, 18 pages of text may communicate to the viewer that you don’t know what you’re doing and that most of this information is ingenuous.  But if you’re selling a big-ticket item such as an online course, viewers need to be walked through how each dollar they spend is being put to valuable use in their life

Don’t worry so much about the length of the page, just make sure you’ve adequately described the product using the mechanisms listed below!

Show your target audience you know exactly who they are so they trust you enough believe in your solution. 

Although logical, humans are very emotional when it comes to spending their hard-earned cash. Factor in the prospect of the high-spend items that sales pages feature and the emotions triple.  

With products that are new and different, there’s thrilling excitement but also doubtful fear. It’s the job of the sales page to provide thorough detail that assures their excitement about your offering but also empathizes and combats any doubt they feel about purchasing. 

In order to connect with your target audience, you need to nail down the nitty gritty of who they are — what do they fear, how do they feel about themselves, how would their life change with this purchase? You must show that you understand them to their core in order to offer a solution that they trust

People want to buy a transformation – a better version of the person they see in the mirror today. Rather than listing features, your sales page should paint a picture of the story they desire and how your product can take them there.  If you do the work to know your audience, you will have a product that works for them and a sales page that shows them just how. 

Here are 10 essential elements needed to boost sales page conversions.

1. Transformation-Focused Header

It only takes about 50 milliseconds for viewers to form an opinion about your site so your headline needs to hit hard and fast. If the first thing you see on a site quickly highlights the reinvented version of yourself that you’ve been struggling to get to, odds are, you’re going to keep reading. Your headline and subhead should detail the new & improved life that you know your target audience wants and that you know you can provide. Do not jump straight to the features!  We want them to keep reading, but they will only do so if they begin to envision themselves benefitting from what you have to offer. Stating that your online course has 12 lessons about copywriting doesn’t do the trick, but saying that they’ll learn to double their income from the comfort of their home will.

2. Specific Results

Detail your goal or goals for the potential customer so they immediately feel setup for success with tangible outcomes that await behind the “purchase now” button. These do not relate to each feature of your product or service, but instead focus on the lifestyle, mental, emotional, & physical improvements that your target audience seeks. Tell consumers that your goal is for them to double their business, to end anxiety over the feast or famine cycle, to have more free time with their children. Do not make promises that you cannot keep, but outline the potential life-improving results of your offering. 

3. Life With & Without

People base their purchase decisions on one of two options: they either want to take steps towards something positive or they want to avoid something negative. Outline your consumers’ lives with and without your product so your copy relates to both psyches. Painting the picture of a fruitful life with your product contributes to the idea of an awaiting transformation and supplements excitement for those looking to improve. Highlighting the negative fallout from foregoing your offering and the steps your consumer will fail to take adds fuel to the fire for those wishing to bypass negativity.

4. Connection-Building Bio

Although you are selling a product, the person or business behind the offering can mean the world of difference to potential customers. Give a face, story, and experience that your audience can deem reliable and trustworthy. Remember, people are emotional, so providing them with a narrative behind the purchase makes a personal connection that matters.

5. Detailed Features

Be sure to compound distinguishing features with corresponding benefits. Although outlining the technical aspects you’ve innovated create pride in your offering, these technicalities will not be a selling point for your audience. For each feature, highlight the benefit to the consumer so viewers get the why behind the what. What do monthly one-on-one coaching calls do for me? They track my continual growth to ensure I’m taking the outlined steps to triple my sales by the end of the year. I may think the feature is neat, but without having a practical use outlined, I may not be willing to purchase.

6. Personal Testimonials 

Testimonials should offer detailed stories that help viewers overcome concerns they may be having. Selecting testimonials that are personal and detailed hit home and resonate with your target audience, further enhancing their trust in your product. 

7. FAQs

If a headline catches their attention, people will quickly skim through the rest of a sales page before dedicating the next 10 minutes of their life to reading the entire page. Oftentimes, they will stop on the FAQ section to answer their immediate concerns.  This is an important opportunity you have to address any details that you want to manage. Make this section count by answering some of the leading questions you typically get about your offering. 

8. Clear Price

This may seem self-explanatory, but it’s essential that you clearly explain the cost they will incur by purchasing your offering. Be sure to detail all elements included once they click the “confirm purchase” button. There should be no outstanding questions about the total charge to their account and the exact items they will receive once the cash is withdrawn.

9. Who Is It For & Not For

Use your in-depth knowledge of your target audience to personify the successful and ambitious person that you know your viewer wants to become. This is a huge opportunity for you to hit home with your consumer, but in order to do so, you must know the ins and outs of your ideal customer. Be sure to also describe the type of person who clicks the back arrow to appeal to both psyches.

10. Action Now

Why should viewers take the loss in their bank accounts today as opposed to their next pay day? Many people may love your product but be wary at the thought of purchasing today. Give them the urgency and motivation they need to take that next step through words of encouragement and empowerment. Just be sure to stay within the tone of your brand. 

Tips to keep in mind as you write your sales pages.

Now that you know all of the elements, here are a few things to keep in mind as you revamp your conversion-boosting sales page:

  • Place the same or similarly worded call-to-action buttons in multiple points throughout the sales page. — Once at the very beginning, ocne at the very end, and typically once in the middle. Play around with this and find what works best for you.
  • Write one section at a time. — Each section is a piece in and of itself so give it your full attention. Once you’ve written all portions of the page, go back and check for user flow.
  • Figure out how viewers will get to your sales page. — This dictates how much context you will need to add to ensure viewers get all pertinent information to make a purchase decision.
  • Get at the real reason people will purchase. — Step into the shoes of your target audience. What their daily life looks like, what they desire, who they want to be. Let that guide you.  
  • Using videos can increase your conversions by 86%. –Implementing a video to show off features or testimonials may offer added interest beyond clicks, scrolls, and reading. 

And that’s a sales page wrap! There’s quite a bit of thought, effort, and time involved, but well worth the conversions that will follow. If you’re ready to build some irresistible sales pages, please reach out today for a complimentary consultation!

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