Restructure a Website that Stimulates Growth During COVID-19


Restructure A Website That Stimulates Growth During COVID-19

Revamping Website During COVID-19

As more consumers head online to shop & gain information, your website matters more than ever.

As COVID-19 continues to rear its ugly head, it’s difficult to combat the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty about the future — especially as it pertains to your business. Although stay-at-home orders and new restrictions disrupt normal operations leaving you with an abundance of downtime to marinate in these feelings of despair, we also find ourselves in a time of exciting opportunity.

This global pandemic has catalyzed a mass exodus of consumers out of physical stores and into the digital marketplace in record-breaking numbers. As a business owner, it’s essential to evolve as consumer tendencies change, and today’s trend mandates the need for dynamic website platforms that are heard amongst the noise. 

It’s no mystery where consumers are, but do you have a well-crafted website that will meet them there?  

In order to build a compelling digital presence, you must outline a strong website strategy.

Since March of 2020, Adobe records an extra $107 billion spent online due to pandemic fallout. This means that your website offers a business-altering opportunity that defies all 2020 odds: growth. A strategy that focuses on an effortless consumer experience and utilizes the array of digital tools available serves as a strong foundation for a website that drives success.

There is no time like now to implement a plan of action for your website that ensures you’re showing up in front of your target audience, establishing leadership in the industry, and providing much needed normalcy in a market of chaos. Let’s look at a few ways to get the job done.

Amplify your online authority with these tasks to tackle during COVID-19 downtime.

Build a compelling & recognizable brand personality.

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive, so create a site that illustrates what you’ve got, who it’s for, and why you’re the best-equipped to offer it — all within your authentically compelling voice. Weaving a well-constructed tone throughout all pieces of your site humanizes the digital experience and lets viewers find a sense of connection with your brand. In today’s world of distancing and staying at home, brands that make consumers feel connected to something bigger harness the powerful asset of long-term brand supporters, not just short-term customers.

Refresh content with updated information.

In this age of unknown, offer people comfort with information that answers their questions and delivers new excitement. Explain how your business is evolving to ensure their safety, and tell what products & services you’ve revamped to combat disturbances to current business operations. This mitigates confusion or frustration, and provides a much appreciated ease. Additionally, replace outdated promotions or product descriptions with new content that shows your business isn’t taking vacation during this time, but is instead dedicated to creating new value for treasured consumers. By compounding straight-forward answers with inspiring new innovation, you spark renewed interest and positive acknowledgment of your brand.

Revive old SEO strategy.

With more people perusing the internet today for new hobbies, advice, inspiration, and everything in between, your SEO is key to ensuring you’re showing up where they’re looking. Among a long list of ways to improve your SEO, begin with these steps: optimize images with proper sizing, add headers & subheads for better readability, launch a blog that focuses on value for your viewers, expand upon a natural usage of relevant keywords, and enhance credibility with authoritative outbound links. With digital tools such as meta descriptions and alt texts, there’s a myriad of ways to take advantage of the online algorithm, but the overarching key is valuable & original copy. The little unseen tools will get people to your site, but powerful copy keeps them there longer. When viewers stay engrossed on your site longer than the average webpage, your SEO increases organically. Constructing a powerful SEO strategy requires an understanding of the nitty gritty details as well as the broader elements, and right now is the perfect time to dive into both.

Clarify your call-to-action.

70% of small businesses lack a call-to-action on their homepage. Beautifully-crafted, personality-highlighting, benefit-driven header copy gets potential customers interested, but if you don’t quickly provide them with a clear way to acquire that benefit, then your website fails to take advantage of this online point of sale that is especially powerful today. Clearly call out how to obtain the product or service that delivers the benefit identified in the header and subhead. Using a button such as “Grow My Business!” or “Plan My Meal Prep!” shows viewers exactly what they’re going to get should they move on to the next step of the process. Just be sure to deliver exactly that once they get to the landing page.

Strategize easy user flow.

Because consumers are spending more time online, they will be quick to move on to the next site if they run into any navigation flaws on yours. With an organized navigation bar at the top and bottom for effortless movement through the site, an inclusion of only relevant pages that support vital business goals, and headers, subheads, & buttons that clearly communicate where they should go next, viewers will feel at ease as they browse. When consumers feel at ease, they develop a positive perception of your brand and are ultimately more likely to return. 

Add digital offerings that provide value to your viewers.

As a business owner, you’ve innovated before and you can do it again. Although this may require more time, developing a series of webinars covering yoga flows geared toward mental health or helpful tutorials on how to make your famous sourdough starter can add great value to your business. And if executed well enough, they may present the opportunity for you to monetize this new digital branch of your business. Especially pertinent for businesses whose daily operations are entirely disrupted, use this time to craft a new product that lends a greatly appreciated helping hand. A new offering that provides support improves business now and enhances brand perception in the long run.

Ensure your business shows up in all the right searches.

This pandemic presents you with the rare opportunity of time to invest in your business’ growth.  Set up a website strategy that ensures you are showing up in a powerful way when consumers search for the product and service you offer. Developing a wholesome personality, practicing tried-and-true digital tactics, and innovating something new for your consumers can breathe new life into your business. 

If you’re looking for ideas and strategies on how to revamp your digital communication, reach out today, and let’s construct a platform that ensures you stay relevant even when your physical doors aren’t open!

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