Social Media Copy | Drunk Elephant | Spec Ad



Owner Tiffany Masterson created Drunk Elephant in order to end her frustrating and relentless hunt for skincare products that actually worked. With a focus on transforming “beauty” products into “health” products, this now widely known holistic skincare brand expands its offerings into total skin health – because it’s not just the skin on your face that matters.

target & goals

Typical DE consumers are women aged 28 to 45 years old who enjoy spending a pretty penny for skincare products if it benefits their overall health and supports a brand whose ethics align with their own. The goal of this social media ad centered around the introduction and dissemination of Drunk Elephant’s expansion into hair and body products.

my special ingredient

This ad needed to embody a bright and lively tone corresponding with the Drunk Elephant identity that consumers know and love. Additionally, the ad needed to highlight the fact that although skincare brands typically only offer facial products, DE celebrates all skin– regardless of if it’s your scalp, your legs, or your armpits. My copy quickly and simply points out that these new product lines contribute to the holistic health goals that our consumers tirelessly aim for.