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Troy Yasuda, owner of ʻŌmaʻo Man, created a green superfood smoothie that quickly became an essential stop for shoppers at farmer’s markets across Oahu. With continued growth year after year, Troy found it vital to create a website that transformed ʻŌmaʻo Man from a one product market vendor into a leading health brand for any occasion.

target & goals

Our target audience specified health conscious people that range from 25 to 65 years old. They are health-conscious, care about where their food comes from, desire healthy offerings that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and are typically well-connected within the community. With these loyal customers who have known ʻŌmaʻo Man as a market vendor for years, the website needed to showcase a solid brand voice and story as well as open the door to other uses of ʻŌmaʻo Man.

my special ingredient

With a thorough review and selection of specific details that lead to ʻŌmaʻo Man’s creation, I crafted a story that resonates with the intended audience. From the story of brotherhood and local farmers to the science behind how our bodies absorb life-giving compounds, each part celebrates aspects that our health-conscious friends hold dear to their hearts. Be good to yourself (through green smoothie meal prep), be good to the land (bring your mason jar on Sunday), and be good to others (at your next event). My copy shows loyal consumers and potential consumers alike that ʻŌmaʻo Man is something they simply cannot live without as well as conveniently and simply showcases a variety of ways to utilize this green drink.