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Ranifly is a Honolulu-based swimwear company offering handmade, sustainable bikinis that focus on comfort, durability, and empowerment of all body types. Owner Rani Keohane collaborated with leading ocean conservationist and underwater photographer Kristin Leigh Hettermann to create Rainfly’s newest collection, OCEANSCAPES.

target & goals

As online shopping quickly became the preferred method for purchasing fashion, consumers expect a personalized experience that displays products corresponding to their individual interests. Ranifly’s target market favors brands that show commitment to sustainability, loyalty to supporting local, and empowerment of femininity.

my special ingredient

A lookbook offers a key opportunity for a brand to showcase a new collection in an eye-catching, marketable fashion. Within Ranifly’s OCEANSCAPES lookbook, I painted a story of the brand and the collaboration to offer viewers a chance to connect with something deeper than the individual pieces. Ranifly’s inviting and feminine tone permeates the verbiage creating a personal touch that feels like a direct invitation from Rani and Kristin. By artistically portraying Ranifly’s focus on interests that parallel those of the target market, consumers develop an affection to the brand and their movement as well as their newest product launch.

graphic design

Garran Chung | Portfolio Site | garranc@gmail.com