Good copy compels direct action, but great copy inspires people to reserve a seat at your table for years to come.
With a knack for storytelling that enhances human connection, my copy delivers long-lasting results. Beyond an alluring call to action, I highlight your authentic story creating a sense of belonging with your audience. When people feel like they belong at your table, your table will grow.

At a young age, I learned that I love to write, and I love to cook. Although these seem like mindless activities you accomplish on the daily with a quick avo toast for breakfast and scribbled post-it note stuck to your laptop, for me, these dive much deeper. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good (and easy) toaster waffle, but at the basis of everything I do is this desire to bring people together. I see writing and cooking as powerful tools that develop stories capturing the human experience and ultimately connect us with one another. When I cook, I carefully select quality ingredients and practice skillful preparations in order to create a memorable experience as well as tasty food. When I write, I thoughtfully assemble specific words and use refreshing grammar in order to develop a story that elicits a deeper response to your brand as well as to the immediate call to action. To me, it’s deeper than a one-time customer (or taster). I want to not only fill the seats at the table, but continuously add new settings. 

Are you wanting to grow your table? Let’s get to it!

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