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A furniture store turned luxury home brand leader, RH continues to pioneer new standards for art, design, food and beverage, and hospitality. Through a constant pursuit of innovation, RH launches biannual Member Events that go above and beyond the mundane, haphazard membership parties today.

target & goals

The RH Membership is geared toward men and women between the ages of 40 and 60 who enjoy traveling for leisure, fine dining, brands that exude luxury and quality, and networking with like-minded individuals that enhance the status of their circle. The goal of this email surrounds growing the number of memberships by heightening the prestige of becoming a member. Ultimately, RH wants subscribers to become a member and RSVP for the first member event.

my special ingredient

The overall tone of this email carries a grandeur and sex appeal that RH personifies, creating an allure specific for the target market. To call this audience to action, the Member Events offer a great deal of value in all facets that they cherish. From art and design to food and networking, this night delivers the creme de la creme. I framed these Member Events as the newest innovation of RH that they have the rare privilege to attend, and as seekers of luxury and exclusivity, they cannot refuse.

graphic design

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