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G.Lion Hawaii is a luxury hospitality company specializing in fine dining restaurants and catering & events management in Oahu and Japan. Their focus on building lifelong customers through unparalleled service defines their brand and contributes to their exponential success during their entrance into Hawaii. At their grand opening celebration of two new restaurants within The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach, a booklet was handed out to all attendees with descriptions of each of their entities. G.Lion aims to make all of life’s moments luxurious and exceptional, and this booklet offers opportunities to add this G.Lion touch.

target & goals

G.Lion Hawaii consumers lead a luxurious life within all of their lifestyle habits. They expect phenomenal products and services and understand the experience they receive is well worth their money spent. These product descriptions intended to solidify this growing brand name as a reliable business with multiple entities that consumers can place their trust in.

my special ingredient

G.Lion embodies luxury, however a humble gratitude guides each aspect of their operations. The tone of each description exudes their dedication to excellence but also offers a friendly invitation into the G.Lion Hawaii fold. This collection of entities displays G.Lion’s long-standing pursuit to offer excellence to their consumers in any way they can. With each description building off the other, consumers develop an understanding that they can step foot into any of these entities and trust they will be treated like a favorite family member.